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Best Cover Letters of 2019 [+3 Great Examples]

Best titel Letters of 2019 +3 Great Examples Best titelseite Letters of 2019 +3 Great Examples The Absolute Best Cover Letters of 2019+3 Great ExamplesWhat do the best titelbild letters have in common? Well, for a start, they wow the hiring manager from the get-go, and make them want to read to the end. They are also created specifically for only one job opening.How to Create the Perfect Cover Letter (That Works)As a career counselor, Ive reviewed thousands of cover letters for hundreds of different positions. Give me a quick glance at yur cover letter and I can tell you whether the hiring manager will throw it away or keep it.Thats why I wrote this article to give you the lowdown on what makes the best cover letter, so that employers have no choice but to invite you in for an interview.Target the RoleFirst, if you want to make a strong pitch, you should target the job directly.At the very least, that means you need to refer to the position by name, and make it clear that this isnt a cover letter youve sent out to multiple companies. A hiring manager wants to know what you can do for their company, so if you dont address your cover letter to their needs, itll be trashed.Respond to the Job RequirementsIf you really want to make an impression, respond to one or mora bullet points from the job description, and outline how you can fulfill each requirement. This shows you that you can handle the duties of the job, and hit the ground running on your first day.Also write about what attracted you to this particular role in the first place. When you do this, dont talk about salary numbers or perks, but rather something that makes you excited to work for the company.Additionally, you could point out a problem youve noticed its facing - one that youd be able to fix.You can also mention an interesting fact that youve learned about the company or position, such as a bit of information you picked up from reading the news. This will prove that youre motivated and detail orie nted.Craft a Great Cover Letter Opening LineUse one of these ideas for the opening sentence of your cover letter. You only get one chance at making a first impression after all. Since its the first thing the hiring manager will read, youll need an opener that immediately hooks them.Check out this exampleThis opening line is much more effective than starting your cover letter with the dull sentence I am writing to apply for Position Name. A strong introduction will show the hiring manager that youve done your homework.By customizing your cover letter to the role, youll immediately set yourself apart from the vast majority of applicants whose letters dont address the companys needs. When composing your cover letter, think of it as your elevator pitch in written form.3 Great Cover Letters from Creative Job SeekersMillions - if not billions - of cover letters have been sent out, but only a small fraction of them are cover letters that work and that have landed an applicant a job. Than ks to the internet, hiring managers have shared some of the amazing cover letters theyve encountered.1. The Consummate ProfessionalIn this great cover letter example, the applicant landed a job as a project manager by proving they had the required skills and experience in a short but effective cover letter. Their professionalism and humor shines through. Notably, they address their cover letter letter to the person theyd be reporting to, rather than using the generic To Whom It May Concern, which is the best way to get things startedThis approach may not be the best if you already have a lot of experience under your belt. But its perfect for an entry-level position, since all of the candidates will have similar backgrounds. A good cover letter will get read - a great cover letter will land you an interview.2. The Compassionate CandidateThis awesome cover letter left a strong impression by showcasing the writers zest for life. Their compassion toward people and animals in particular makes them a desirable employee. Their cover letter also shows that despite working in entry-level roles, they still helped to fulfill organizational goals.3. The Much-Improved ApplicantThe author of this wordy cover letter was horrified to reread it after finding it buried in their email outbox several years after submitting it.Their original cover letter was difficult to read because of its length and lackluster content. It simply repeated the bullets on their resume, and didnt showcase their passion or interest in the role. So they asked experts to rewrite it.The redone version is much more readable, since it has short, easy-to-read paragraphs and an impactful opening line. Its much more likely to hook the hiring manager and help the candidate score an interview.See if there are any lessons you can take from this cover letter to apply to your own.Our Best Cover Letter ExamplesSometimes the best way to learn how to do something is to see some great examples. Browse our amazing co ver letter examples below to discover the best strategy for writing a cover letter.Cover Letter Samples for Job ApplicationsHow to Use These Great Cover Letter ExamplesFirst, read through our samples and notenzeichen what they do well - you can adapt these features and apply them to your own.Then, choose the cover letter sample you want. You can either click through to the page and hit the download button, or you can copy and paste the text into Microsoft Word or Google Docs.Change the text to reflect your circumstances and the job opening. Dont forget to insert your telephone number, email address, and mailing address in the space for your contact details.Amazing Cover Letters - the ConclusionOnce youve got the basics down, creating a great cover letter becomes easier. Just remember, the best cover letter for a job is the one that reflects your personality, shows youve researched the company, and proves that youll be able to handle the tasks in the job description.We have a full library of effective cover letter templates for you to pick from, so browse them until you find the one thats right for you.Alternatively, if youre pressed for time, our cover letter builder can help you assemble your own in a matter of minutes.

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Dont Overlook the Puncture

Dont Overlook the Puncture Dont Overlook the Puncture Dont Overlook thePunctureMIT Ph.D. candidate Nikolai Begg says the riskiest parte of a surgery may not be what you think.I always had an interest in medicine and I was watching surgery and realized how risky it can be just getting access to start it by puncturing, he says. So many medical procedures require a puncture step. If youre trying to get to some space deep in the body, you want to get there with as little tissue disruption as you can, which is why we use needles. Or think about cranial exerzierening when you have to remove a section of skull away and they drill holes.But what can be done to improve the puncture step, if anything at all? When you drill through drywall to hang a picture, there is a moment when the drill bit goes to the other side and the drill bit jerks forward, he says. The same thing is an issue when it comes to puncturing in surgery the risk of puncturing too far. You could hit a structure in the spinal column for some medical procedures. You could drill too far into a skull.MIT Ph.D. candidate Nikolai Begg invented a force-sensing instrument. Image Lemelson-MIT ProgramWhile an engineering student at MIT, he created a puncture procedure device with the concept of least-resistance force to decrease the acceleration. The idea is a flexural mechanism where there is force applied to the tip of the device, the mechanism essentially locks in place within the body of the device opposing an attraction spring, he says. As the device accelerates forward after puncture, the spring is causing the blade to accelerate backwards. You are decreasing the risk of an injury from the puncturing part of surgery.The first of the device models his team built werent flexural and didnt have a low part count. He estimated there were 12 components to linkage and using flexure cut the part count down to one. Simpler and less expensive, he says. You have a device body for housing, sheathing for the tip, the pu ncturing tip is coupled to the flexural linkage, which couples to the retraction spring, which is coupled to the body of the device, he says.The size of the puncture? Begg says it could be hypodermic-size to drill bit-size, to even larger. The size of the puncture depends on the application and forces involved, he says. Imagine a needle used to puncture into the lung to collect fluid. That is going to be a smaller flexure. When youre trying to gain access to the brain involving the skull, a much different level. For flexure, one of the proof-of-concept models I built was about an inch square and half an inch thick. And actually it was a metal part using micro waterjet cutting to make the flexure. The flexural joint had extremely thin sections so it needed to use manufacturing technology.He has learned many lessons from working on the device. A major one was an even greater appreciation of considering the business side of things. I was very focused on the proof of concept and didnt t hink as much about these other things, but, if I had, then that can keep you from opening your mind and thinking broadly, too, he says. The work also just reinforced my need to be fascinated and curious. Just observing and talking with surgeons and you realize theres a problem. Its exciting to dream of a possible solution.Eric Butterman is an independent writer. For Further Discussion As the device accelerates forward after puncture, the spring is causing the blade to accelerate backwards. You are decreasing the risk of an injury from the puncturing part of surgery. Nikolai Begg, MIT

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How to Avoid the Post-Vacation Blues - The Muse

How to Avoid the Post-Vacation Blues - The MuseHow to Avoid the Post-Vacation BluesYoure away for the week, soaking up some sun in Florida. Or, hiking in the Rockies. Or, exploring the streets of Rome. Everythings going great, until the last day of vacation rolls around and you remember what awaits you.Work. Everyone, at some point or another, has felt that pit in their stomach as they realized their vacation fun welches coming to an end- and that theyd have to return to the office. Most of the time this feeling is normal. But when is it not? When is this anxiety a sign that somethings wrong or needs to change in your career?I spoke with Dr. David Ballard, Director of the American Psychological Associations Center for Organizational Excellence, whos studied this exact phenomenon. In the organizations 2018 Work and Well-Being Survey, Ballard and his team tapped into how US workers approach vacation We wanted to look at the psychological aspects of it- how it relates to job stress, and what differences we see when people come back from vacation and how long they last.What he found, as you may know from reading other Muse articles, is that a majority of people do benefit from time off. When they return theyre less stressed, they feel more motivated, and their work quality and productivity is better.But on the downside, for almost two-thirds of US workers, those positive effects went away within a few days of coming back to work, he adds.The survey highlights even more 21% said they feel tense or stressed out while on vacationand 42% reported that they dread returning to work.This is obviously a problem. Whats the point of a vacation when, despite the upsides, were still likely to be stressed during it and even more likely to lose all that weve gained once its over? And, how can we use this information to improve how we take time off?Ballard says Research shows that when people come back to work and theres a mountain of work waiting for themthen those gains they ma de dissipate even fasterif you start worrying about that as your vacation wraps up, its eating into the recovery experienceits pulling you back into work when youre supposed to be still destressing and recovering.So, what can you do with this knowledge? Ballard says it comes down to these three crucial stepsPlanning aheadGetting stress recovery experiences while on vacationEasing back into workLets dive into what each one of those steps means. Planning AheadYou need to really have a concrete plan for what needs to be covered while youre out- whos going to pick up the extra work, what tasks need to be covered versus what can wait, making sure your team has clear expectations about your availability, he says. (This checklist can be helpful in tracking all you have to get done before you go.)This preparation alone immediately gets rid of the vacation guilt you might have. The more prep you give your team, the easier you can relax knowing nothing will go to hell while youre out. It also ensures you come back with a to-do list that feels more manageable (and less stressful to think about on vacation). Getting Stress Recovery Experiences While On VacationThen, when youre actually away, unplugWe know from the research that to recover from stress, to really rechargeyou need time periods when youre not working, but also when youre not thinking about work, states Ballard. Engage in some form of relaxation (reading a good book or meditating, for example) as well as something stimulating but not work-related (like hiking or exploring a new city) - both are key for stress recovery.Many of us have the experience in which you come back from a really busy vacation where you planned lots of activities and you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation. So make sure youre sleeping enough and taking care of yourself, all of the things we know we need to do but most of us are not great at, he adds.Easing Back Into WorkWhen you return, dont just leap back into the grind. The reality is that youre not going to be your most productive self right away- and trying to will only decrease the effects of your relaxing trip. departure off with small tasks, like checking email or completing easy wins, and take plenty of breaks, including lunch (and read this article and this one).One more thing worth mentioning is that vacations can only do so much for us. Sure, theyre great, but if you expect them to solve all your work-related problems- If I just go away for a week Ill come back and everything will be fine- youre going to be disappointed.Its also important to find times during your normal work week or normal work day to engage in stress recovery behaviorsits unrealistic to expect that if youre taking a vacation every six months that can tide you over very well, states Ballard. So, its up to you to find ways to rest and recharge on a regular basis so that you dont rely on vacations alone.

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FIS-B and How It Works

FIS-B and How It WorksFIS-B and How It WorksFIS-B, short for Flight Information System Broadcast, is a data broadcasting service that works along with ADS-B to allow aircraft operators to receive aeronautical information such as weather and airspace restrictions through a data link to the cockpit. Along with its partner system TIS-B, FIS-B is available at no cost to ADS-B users as part of the FAAs Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). The system gathers information through the use of ADS-B ground stations and radar and delivers that data to an aircrafts onboard cockpit display in the form of weather alerts, airport information and various other reports. FIS-B was created for use by general aviation pilots. How It Works Information for FIS-B is transmitted from ground stations to participating ADS-B In aircraft on a 978 MHz UAT data link. Aircraft that use a 1090 MHz Extended Squitter transponder will leid be eligible to receive the FIS-B product. There are currentl y over 500 operation ground stations that are part of the ADS-B network, and the FAA is working to add approximately 200 additional stations. The aircrafts ADS-B receiver (known as ADS-B In) interprets the data and displays it onto a screen in the cockpit. The actual interface on which FIS-B will be displayed will vary, but it will typically be incorporated into a flight management system or an electronic flight bag (EFB). Equipment Aircraft that want to receive FIS-B information must be equipped with ADS-B Out and ADS-B In equipment. ADS-B requires a WAAS-enabled GPS receiver and a transponder when one is not already included with the ASD-B unit. While TIS-B (Traffic Information Service-Broadcast) is available to both 978 MHz UAT and 1090ES transponder users, FIS-B is only broadcast to ADS-B users with a dedicated 978 MHz Universal Access Transceiver (UAT). FIS-B is not available to aircraft operators that use a 1090ES transponder for ADS-B. Operators using a 1090ES transponder will have to get their weather services and graphics from a third-party source, such as XM WX Satellite Weather. A compatible cockpit display (CDIT) is also needed to display the FIS-B data in a usable format. Limitations FIS-B is strictly an advisory service and is not meant to take the place of standard weather briefings and preflight planning. It is not a substitute for official weather sources such as air traffic control, flight service stations, NOAA or DUATS. FIS-B data link services operate in line-of-sight only. Aircraft receivers must be within the service volume of the ground station to receive FIS-B. Services One of the advantages for pilots using the 978 MHz UAT is that basic FIS-B services will be available to use at no cost, and these services are comparable to an XM weather subscription service. Currently, FIS-B offers the following communications services Aviation weather products such as METARs, TAFs, winds aloft and NEXRAD precipitation maps.Temporary flig ht restrictions (TFRs) and status updates for special use airspace (SUA).AIRMETs, SIGMETs and convective SIGMETs.Pilot Reports (PIREPs).NOTAMs (Distant and FDC). Future services might include cloud top reports, lightning and turbulence information, and icing forecasts in both textual and graphical depictions. Its expected that these upgraded services will originate from a third-party and might require a subscription fee. All of the services above are updated as they become available and are transmitted every five or ten minutes, depending on the type of information. NEXRAD will be rebroadcast every 2.5 minutes.

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DLA Piper Goes Down Under and Gets Even Bigger

DLA Piper Goes Down Under and Gets Even BiggerDLA Piper Goes Down Under and Gets Even BiggerDLA Piper has some springtime news of its own, and it has nothing to do with extra cash for DLA Pipers associates. The giant firm with offices all over the world is getting biggerIm talking 4,000 lawyers big. Good luck finding your friends at that company picnic.The firm, which grabbed the number two spot on The National Law Journals 250 largest law firms ranking in 2010, announced a merger with its partner in Australia DLA Phillips Fox (their partnership dates back to 2006). The merger is slotted for May 1st. This move will add another 600 attorneys to the firms roster, which will make it the biggest law firm in all of the land (Baker McKenzie will be handing over its crown as the number one largest firm unless it finds itself several hundred more lawyers).So whats all the fuss over Australia aside from its fantastic beaches, amazing BBQs and sleep-stealing tennis tournament (for all of you east-coasters dedicated enough to stay up for the 330am Federer-Djokovic match last night)? Three words mergers and acquisitions. Australias got them, and BigLaw firms want them. Last year, the number of Australian mergers and acquisitions welches greater than double that of 2009, reaching $108.5 billion. And according to Tony Holland, CEO of DLA Phillips Fox, corporate Australia is looking much more internationally.Congrats on being literally huge, DLA Piper. My only question for you is whether you plan on making a splash this spring by adding associate bonuses to your newsfeed.

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A Deadly Mistake Uncovered on Do You Put References on a Resume and How to Avoid It

A Deadly Mistake Uncovered on Do You Put References on a Resume and How to Avoid It You dont wish to make the error of leaving any important information out. Bear in mind your references are sacrificing time and effort to assist you. The matter can get complicated in a rush. So far as reaching out to prospective references, if youre actively trying to find a new job, you should reach out to people early. Resume Templates At Your Service Now that its so simple to just scour the web and keep searching for latest resume templates, it can on occasion find hard to make a decision as to what sort of resume you want. When looking for a good resume template, be sure to look at the details as to whether its completely free or paid. Perhaps you have to use a different resume format than that which youve been using. Employers should know what youve done to add to the development of your department, team, and company to discover whether your strengths align with the demands and respons ibilities of their organization and the work opening, Nicolai states. Overloading your resume with information that isnt really linked to your abilities or job-related talents is rarely an excellent concept, as it can create the employer or job recruiter to shed interest and continue on to the next candidate. Functional resumes concentrate on the skills you possess that are necessary for the job that youre applying for. Your cover letter could work. The easy truth is that the objective of a CV is to secure you a very first interview, references are superfluous so early on. Aleidher frequent mistake which shouldnt be made is the usage of personal articles and pronouns. Your resume should be formatted in an easy, professional method. In reality, youre advised to keep in mind that resume is the primary source of information for recruiters. 1 thing a lot of people dont understand about writing resumes is you have to be certain it has all the pertinent info to assist you get hi red. Actually, the tricky part of obtaining a reference isnt asking someone, but coaching them regarding the particular things theyll be discussing with your possible employer. Your references could make or break your odds of landing work, so make certain you pick the best people to talk for your benefit. Giving it a fresh look might help you get success. Also, be certain you have your references latest contact details. More information is far better than less. By using the examples of resumes, you wont only be in a position to add correct and precise data in your resume but will likewise be able to impress your prospective employer. The Do You Put References on a Resume Stories Formatting your resume references is a comparatively straightforward endeavor. Below youll discover a sample reference list. Take a look at free resume examples on the www and you will observe that headings ought to be the exact same all throughout. Go by means of this sample and know the signifi cance of resume templates. For instance, lets say youre asking for a position as a Software Developer. You should tailor your resume to each work description, and you will need to learn how to use the right resume keywords. Oftentimes, youre just required to send in work application or submit your resume. Each and every work type needs different kind of resumes. Make certain to let your employer know you have references available upon request. Both can cause you to get exceptional but only one will be able to help you land work. If their interview procedure includes references, employers will request that you provide them. Your cv why its better to put an excellent workers. Also, share with them a copy of the resume youre submitting so they can be on exactly the same page if and as soon as the hiring manager calls them up. Thus, give your resume a very good once-over, and be sure every word on such page is working hard for you. Nearly all resumes also incorporate a concis e work history section. There are lots of examples of resumes, but you need to remain certain to create your resume and cover letter with your very own personal touch. The Characteristics of Do You Put References on a Resume As an example, maybe you want to emphasize your management and leadership abilities. For example, if youre asking for an I.T. position and you run an on-line software discussion group in your free time, mention that Resume is not merely a document. however, it defines you and is the very first important key that ensures your prospective employer takes interest in you. As you move through the progressive phases of the recruitment process it is probable you will think of unique folks who may act as referees.

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How to Keep Learning Maintaining a Growth Mindset Throughout Your Career

How to Keep Learning Maintaining a Growth Mindset Throughout Your Career Article by Cecilia MeisChildren learn how to walk in phases. First they discover their toes, gripping and pointing and kicking. Then come a few unsuccessful crawls as they test out the strength of each foot, realizing a knee is better suited for the task. Finally they stand a few times, gaining confidence and takingsome video-worthy spills.Dozens of falls later, theyre still at it, figuring out the best way to start and how to stop themselves when the heads momentum outpaces the legs ability. Eventually they succeed, surrounded by smiling and cheering adults. Now, its time to run.We are born with an innate desire to learn new concepts leidonly those expectedin the course of musterhuman development, but also those that bring us happiness or satiate our curiosity, and even those that have no measurable benefit at all.Somewhere along the way, however, we stop learning more than is required of us. Maybe our friends said it wasnt cool to study.Maybework keeps us busy enough to forget the simple joys of learning. Whatever the case, we begin to ignore those challenges that dont fit our current skill sets. Instead, we look for ones that show off our strengths and hide our weaknesses. We become fixed in our ways, and because of our fixed mindsets, wegive up at the first sign of struggle.However, knowing that our best growth happens in times of struggle is the basis of having a growth mindset. With agrowth mindset, we meet challenges with How can I learn to do this? instead of I cant do this.Carol Dweck, one of the pioneers of growth-mindset research,found that unwarranted praise can promote a fixed mindset in children. The same is true of ourselves. While we should respond with self-encouragement after failing, we should also hold ourselves accountable. At its core, a growth mindset isnt blind positivity, but the understanding that knowledge and achievement come fr om hard work and practice.A growing body of research shows that adopting growth mindsets can stabilize existing neural pathways in our brains and even construct new ones, allowing connections between information and response to happen faster and more reliably. The application of a growth mindset has shown promise at nearly every stage of life.Students who understand the concept of brain plasticity outperform their peers. Lifelong learning programs in retirement communities are becoming increasingly popular as research finds correlations between learning new skills that require mental and physical focus mastering a new card game, for example and preventing the onset of dementia and other neurological diseases.Commit to agrowth mindset by allowing your own curiosity to grow and lead you in new directions. Start with the following tips1. Feed Your CuriosityAsk questions and spend time researching the answers. Frustrated that you hit that same red light every day on the way to work? R esearch how traffic flow maps are built. Remember that learning new things isnt always about getting a raise or earning a promotion. Learning in all forms is inherently beneficial.2. Target Your WeaknessesCommit to conquering one new thing each month. Never learned how to dance? Sign up for a swing dance club.3. ReadEven if you dont consider yourself an avid reader, dive into books.Research has found that reading not only helps us learn new concepts, but it can also improveour emotional intelligence and social awareness. When we connect with the characters on the pages, we are working through complex social situations, and we become better prepared to handle future ones as a result.Along with unterstellung tips, you have to take care of your mind and body in order to be ready to take in new information and apply it in meaningful ways. Get plenty of rest, eat a balanced diet, increase your heart rate for 20 minutes a day, and try meditation to clear your brains junk drawer.Three Entr epreneurson the Important of Growth MindsetsA growth mindset involves asking a lot questions and trying to work through the why, what, and how of situations, people, and systems. Young kids ask a lot of questions. Part of a growth mindset is channeling a childs innate curiosity and applying it to your work.One of my companys principles is We dont take ourselves too seriously.If you take yourself too seriously, you shut off avenues through which you can learn and grow. An unfortunate side effect is that youll start watching a YouTube video at 11 p.m. on how to make tiramisu and before you know it, its 3 a.m. and you somehow got to a Wikipedia article on Johannes Gutenbergs first iteration of the printing press.When youre in the right environment, every situation can be a learning opportunity. Weve implemented a management/geschftliches miteinander book club at Fresh Prints. This allows us to learn together on a company-wide level. We send each other short videos and articles and shar e books we find interesting. Its not a bad use of company time if we watch helpful videos on the job. Our company principles allow us to do so. In fact, they encourage that. fruchtwein young entrepreneurs start out with a growth mindset. Thats the only way to get your feet off the ground.- Jacob Goodman, co-owner and CEO of Fresh PrintsI started my first business when I was 12 years old. Being young, I knew there was a lot I didnt know, so I spent time around people who knew more than I did and absorbed their knowledge. But it was when I went to my first motivational speaking event with Jim Rohn, Tom Hopkins, and Brian Tracy that I got the real drive to learn as much as I could.Now I have a very consistent lifestyle. I get up at 445 a.m. every day to do my studies, read a business book, and read about Aspergers syndrome (to gain knowledge to help with my son). After that, I listen to an audiobook while getting ready for the day or doing household chores. While working on my latest b ook, 12Books12Months, I find inspiration and additional supportfor my own theories with examples from other books and content that I find helpful in expressing what I have to share. Make learning one of your non-negotiables and be sure to create an effective schedule so you will receive all the benefits of the process.- Vicki Fitch, author, speaker, and business consultantWhen I became an attorney, I realized that to be great at the profession, it wasnt enough to learn just what was required. Additional knowledge resulted in having an advantage over my opponent and served my clients better.I have to build my learning into my day. I listen to business podcasts daily, during any driving as well as any house chores. I also take online business courses to constantly improve the performance of my companies. Every summer, I travel with my family mostly to Europe and I learn art and history related to our destinations. I interact with several business mentors on a regular basis. Currentl y, Im also studying style and have hired a consultant to help me understand it better.I feel like Im constantly growing, and my circle of friends includes fascinating and likeminded people who are committed to learning. I look at learning as a tool to make life less stressful and less busy. It helps in organizing systems and processes to avoid chaos. One of the main reasons I love entrepreneurship is that it involves constant learning. I use any setbacks or challenges as triggers to learn how to overcome them. One of the most successful people I know once told me that his life motto was established to put himself in uncomfortable positions If Im too comfortable, Im not learning, not growing.- Elena Ledoux, founder and chief mommy of MommyGo.comA version of this article originally appeared on and in the Spring 2019 issue of SUCCESS magazine.Cecilia Meis is a full-time writer and editor based in Dallas, Texas. Besides SUCCESS, her work has appeared in Time Out Dallas, Rewi re, Healthline, and others. Outside of work, she plays beach volleyball, attempts home cooking, and is ardently working toward making her cat, Nola, Insta-famous.